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Gramercy Brass Band Camp - 2020 Virtual Edition was a tremendous success! Thank you to all the supporters and participants that made this possible:

2020 Virtual Edition Friends and Supporters  

Joseph Anderer and Virginia Benz  

 Cecilia Sweeney 

Ann Lewis 

Morton Glickman and Marcella Halpert  

Molly Alger and Jay Dirnberger 

James de la Garza and Judy Lee 

Emma Gottschall 

Laura Greenwald 

Kim Wasserman 

 Julia and Oswaldo Nuesch 

 Robert and Marcia Hankle 

 Reverends Anna and Dwayne Jackson 

 June Murano Murray 

 Susan Shaw 

 Andrew Pfaff 

 Henry Reid 

 Lorraine Yoncak 

 Leslie Malanga 

 Jeff and Barbara Ostroth 

 Dara Picard and Reed Carroll 

 Catherine Markoff 

 David Furst 

 Marcia Battles 

 Barbara Newland 


We are grateful for the encouragement and  extra special help from these fine entities: 

 Thrivent Financial 

 Jeffrey James Arts Consulting 

 J. Landress Brass 

 The Cottage in Teaneck 

 Crowne Plaza in Englewood 

 Reformed Church of Freehold 

 Friends at Second Reformed Church of Hackensack   

 We would like to offer a special thanks to: 


 GBBC Guest Artists and Clinicians 

 Jon Sass - Tuba - Composer 

 Jeff Davis - Percussion - Drums - Composer 

 Wayne Du Maine - Trumpet - Brass at NYU 

 Tom Davoren - Composer - Conductor - Lecturer 

 Daniel Egan - Trumpet - GBBC Alumni 

 Josh Landress - J. Landress Brass 

 Joseph Anderer - French Horn - Metropolitan Opera Orchestra 

 Wayne Dillon - Brass Techniques - DCI Adjudicator 

 Chris Brubeck - Composer - Bass Trombonist 


Daily Warm Up Sessions 

 Mike Fahie, Rob Fournier, Wes Krygsman, Max Morden 


 Technical Support and Zoom Operations 

 Andrew Kozinski,  Federico Perez, Joseph Soriano 


Video Production Manager 

 Joseph Soriano 


Operations Team 

 Melissa Kay, Jonathan Lango, Victoria Le Count, Danielle Padron, Aileen Raya, Jill Shater 


Gramercy Brass Orchestra and Supporting Faculty Members 

Max Morden - GBBC Conductor - Cornet 

 Mike Fahie - GBBC Conductor - Trombone 

  Cornet: Sandy Coffin, Richard Titone, Bill Dunn 

Horn: Lee Ann Newland - Horn 

 Sue Panny - Horn 

 Anthony Hicks - Baritone 

 Rob Fournier - Euphonium 

 Lina Tabak - Euphonium 

 Melissa Kay - Euphonium - Librarian 

 Danielle Padron - Trombone 

 Federico Perez - Bass Trombone 

 Tuba: Bob Sacchi, Wes Krygsman

 Percussion: Jon Lango, Adrienne Ostrander 

Percussion Support: Ayden Khan 


 Joseph Anderer Horn Masterclass Soloists:

 Max Dabby, Veronika Redfern 


GBBC Managing Directors 

 Lee Ann Newland, John Henry Lambert 


Gramercy Brass Band Camp  was offered FREE of charge to all in 2020!  


We welcome your support and contributions to help us continue to provide

Gramercy Brass Band Camp into the future. 

 PayPal / www.gramercybrass.org (Donate Button) 


By Phone /  Text to Donate / GBBCAMP  to 44-321  


By Check Payable to: Gramercy Brass of NY, Inc. 

 Mailing Address:  108 Hillcrest Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753 


Need Help? Reach us at: GBBC@gramercybrass.org  





Welcome to Gramercy Brass Band Camp - 2020 Virtual Edition  

Gramercy Brass Band Camp will continue to run for its 16th Season in the virtual formats below, and we welcome you to join with us REMOTELY and is FREE for 2020!!!!

This year, we have a special category for Non-participants/Observers! If you would like to join us to watch our sessions, masterclasses and final performance, please register with us! We would love to have you experience Gramercy Brass Band Camp and be our virtual audience!







August 3-9, 2020


                      Here is where you will find the full Gramercy Brass Band Camp daily schedule and events.







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