Inspired by the legendary American performing artist/musician, Dave Brubeck, “Polishing the Brass” mission encompasses opportunities for young people to:

Engage in Team Work and Social Interactive Activities
Advance Literacy and Communication Skills
Stimulate Creative Thinking
Make a Commitment to Learning
Share Successes with their Community
Face Challenges that Lead to New Achievements and Rewards
Be Mentored by Peer Groups as well as Caring Adults

“Polishing the Brass” is available for everyone, however we also seek to assist those who are at risk due to their economic, community or school circumstances.  Our after school and summer brass camp programs offer a safe and secure place for friendship and learning away from less than desirable surroundings.  It is our intent, through the joy of music and the creative process of learning a musical instrument, to help young people make responsible decisions, offer them positive influences, and help them envision and reach toward their own potential and place in society.   

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